Could there be a link between influenza epidemics and the winter season which can be explained by a deficiency of vitamin D that occurs when exposure to sunlight is so low that humans can no longer produce enough vitamin D in the skin? There seems to be growing evidence to suggest just that and modern science is making great strides to determine this most important physiological interaction. Couple this to the fact that there is much less sunlight in the winter and it becomes even more clear that there could be a direct link to vitamin d and susceptibility to catching a cold in the darker months.

The influenza virus is present throughout the year and can be found in approximately two percent of humans at any given time. Why is it, then, that influenza related illness occurs suddenly in about 15 percent of the population right around the winter solstice and virtually disappears during the summer months? There is mounting evidence to suggest that vitamin D deficiency might be the underlying reason so many people get ill at this time of year so getting a good dose of vitamin d through trusted brands of supplements could be an effective boost to your immune system and defend against cold and flu.

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