Experts say that the best vitamin D supplement for men will depend on his age, his lifestyle and his preferences. I was once assigned an article on our college paper regarding the health of men and women. This has brought me to conduct a deeper research about vitamins and supplements that men need. A number of interesting studies and reviews I found focused on vitamin D. And, some of the information is useful in maintaining good health and encouraging men to take serious considerations about their vitamin D intake.


Why Vitamin D Is Necessary For Men

Men, by nature, are more deficient in vitamins and minerals than women. Because of this, it is necessary for them to take supplements that will aid in maintaining good health. Vitamin D is important because it assists the body in fighting diseases like influenza. It also lowers the risk of acquiring heart problems and the chance of having a heart attack which is a popular disease that kills elderly males. Vitamin D also reduces muscle pain particularly in the lower back. In addition, a European study found that taking vitamin D helps in preventing colon cancer. Enough vitamin D will help in avoiding many diseases that are mostly common in males.


Best Vitamin D Supplement For Men From Natural Sources

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin can be acquired in sunlight and food. Doctors recommend staying under the sun for about five to ten minutes three times a week for the adult male in order to get the adequate amount of sunlight needed by the body. Additional supply of the vitamin can be acquired in eggs, liver, milk, salmon, tuna, sardines and other fatty fish. Including these in your diet will help in acquiring enough vitamin D. Further, men who are engage in body building and sports will find that these food do not only supply them with vitamin D but also with other important nutrients they need for their active lifestyle.


Best Vitamin D Supplement For Men On The Go

Although getting vitamin D from natural sources is ideal, you might not have enough time to acquire it from the sun and you might have health conditions that limit such activities. Another alternative is purchasing vitamin D supplements. Busy people and older males may need this in order to have adequate amounts of vitamin D. To make sure that the supplement you are buying is safe and contains the right amount of vitamin D, purchase a brand made by a well-known manufacturer. made a review of the best vitamin D brands in the market and I recommend that you read their review first and other reviews before selecting a brand and buying it.


The Risks Of Taking Vitamin D In Excess

Truly, vitamin D brings numerous benefits to the body. Nevertheless, it also has negative effects when taken in excessive amounts. Often, overdose of vitamin D is caused by vitamin D supplements so it is important to work with a doctor in determining the right kind of supplement and the proper dosage. When taken in excess, it can cause accumulation of calcium in the soft tissues of cells that can cause irreversible damage to the kidneys and other vital organs. It is important to keep these things in mind in selecting the best vitamin D supplement for men.

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