The best vitamin D supplement brand is often hard to identify because there are many companies selling it. I take vitamin D for my rheumatoid arthritis and in the beginning, I encountered such dilemma. Consulting with my doctor and researching helped me in selecting the appropriate brand.

You might wonder why care should be taken in purchasing the right brand. The reasons are simple. It is important to be certain that what you are taking are both safe and in adequate amounts. A study done by of forty-one vitamin D supplement brands found that eight percent of these brands do not have the amount of vitamin D indicated in their labels and some even contain lead. Here are the things I kept in mind when I looked for my vitamin D supplement.


The Kind Of Vitamin D Supplement

Determine why you need to take vitamin D. There are a number of people who are vitamin D deficient and they need higher amounts of vitamin D than others. If you are working in an office like me and do not have the time to walk under the sun early in the morning, a vitamin D3 supplement will be better. Some may prefer a multivitamin with vitamin D and other supplements in it. Women often prefer vitamin D with calcium to help in preventing osteoporosis. So think about the purpose of taking vitamin D in order to narrow down your choices of brand names.

The Store Of The Best Vitamin D Supplement Brand

If you want to make sure that you are purchasing a vitamin D supplement that does not contain hazardous chemicals like lead, purchase it in a reputable drug or health store. Popular stores screen products carefully before carrying them to make sure that they will have a good reputation. Products from these stores are of high quality and are safe. I personally do not make purchase of vitamin supplements anywhere else since it is difficult to ensure safety in buying such products.



Reputable Manufacturers Of Vitamin D Supplements

Choose a brand that was created by a reputable manufacturer. You can assure that these companies have the appropriate licenses for operations and that their products are of high-quality. Avoid brands that are unknown. Often, small and unfamiliar enterprises cannot be trusted. What is worse is most of these companies create products containing poisonous chemicals.


The Best Vitamin D Supplement Brand Based On Reviews

Before going to the store, I read articles about vitamin D supplement brands on the internet to see which brands are highly recommended. are making reviews about vitamin supplement brands and listed brand vitamin D names that are of good quality. These brands were included in the list based on their low cost, purity and potency. The following brands are included as outstanding vitamin D supplements:

  1. NSI Vitacost Vitamin D Drops
  2. GNC Vitamin D-3
  3. Kirkland Signature Vitamin D3
  4. Swanson High-Potency Dry Vitamin D3 and
  5. Vitamin Shop Liquid Vitamin D3

You can also read other health magazines and research articles about vitamin D so that you will have a more accurate basis in selecting a particular brand. These reading materials usually have a portion for some best vitamin d supplement brand.

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