The best vitamin D supplement for women has been the topic of many medical conventions and health magazines recently. As a member of a womens group promoting good health for mothers, I was able to attend one of these conventions. It got so much of my interest that I had myself tested for vitamin D deficiency and suggested to our officers to take notice of recent developments about the benefits of vitamin D and possible risks for women who lack enough supply of it. Studies showed that vitamin D is critical for overall well-being and living a fuller and healthier life. It is necessary for women to be aware of these benefits and how they can increase vitamin D intake in order to prevent many diseases.

Why Take Vitamin D?

Also known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is a kind of vitamin the body is able to produce when it is exposed to sunlight. It promotes bone development and growth in children by enabling the body to absorb calcium better. In adults, it strengthens the bones which prevent the development of osteoporosis later in life. Aside from this, it reduces chances of depression, pregnancy problems, birth defects, heart diseases and autoimmune disorders. Recent studies indicate that adequate vitamin D in the body can regulate insulin in the blood, reduces symptoms brought about by PMS and balances the hormones. Because it is essential to individuals ages zero up to the later years, mothers must always have adequate amounts of vitamin D in their bodies.


Who Needs Vitamin D Supplement?

Because of industrialization and the spread of the human race to all parts of the world, many of us today are not getting enough vitamin D. For this reason, it is important that women are given supplements that can help in maintaining the right amount of vitamin D especially those who belonged to the colored race and those living in places far from the equator. In addition, teenage girls must also be provided enough supplements to prevent later problems during pregnancy, child birth and menopause.


Where Can We Get The Best Vitamin D For Women?

The major source of vitamin D is the sun. However, the harmful effects brought by its ultraviolet rays is the reason why people to avoid exposing themselves to sunlight. Nevertheless, foods like eggs, milk, liver and fish have vitamin D that can serve as additional sources of it. There are also a number of foods fortified with vitamin D in the market today. These are healthy alternatives to excessive exposure to sunlight.


What Are Other Best Vitamin D Supplement For Women?

Aside from the natural sources of vitamin D, there are supplements that are available in stores. These supplements are often recommended to people who have a vitamin D deficiency to increase their stored vitamin D. In selecting a supplement brand, make sure to check its quality by reading reviews about it. also came up with a list of outstanding vitamin D supplements that are low cost, pure and potent. Read these kinds of reviews to be properly guided in purchasing. You must also be reminded that overdose of vitamin D can cause serious problems to the kidneys and other vital organs. Working with your doctor in determining the right dosage and the best vitamin D supplement for women having the same needs as yours is essential.

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